With our Community projects we aim for new and durable connections with the (young) inhabitants of the city of Brussels.

Young Art Reporters #YAR

The Kunstenfestivaldesarts and De Veerman are running a mixed media project for young people from Brussels for the first time. Starting in April, a team of young people aged between 16 and 22 will meet frequently to discuss the artistic programme and create reactions to it through different mixed media (such as videos, texts etc.), being coached along the way by several media and communication professionals. You can follow their output on our Facebook page.

More on #YAR 2018.

The Class

Two secondary schools are starting a long-term collaboration. Over the next three years, students who are currently in the 4th grade will become acquainted with one another and familiarise themselves more with contemporary performing arts with the help of De Veerman. During this first year they will see Mariano Pensotti’s play Arde brillante en los bosques de la noche together and focus on what the Russian revolution might look like today during bilingual workshops. This collaboration will be stepped up over the next two years.

A project for and by Institut Dominique Pire (Brussels) & Atheneum GO! For Business (Molenbeek-Saint-Jean)
In collaboration with De Veerman
Thanks to La Montagne Magique

Chicago Project

Each year, a small group of young people from the Chicago youth centre attend festival performances camera in hand. They record each other’s expectations and reactions, edit the material into video clips and share these online. However the heated discussions about the performances continue long after the cameras have been packed away. This is a project about broadening perspectives, valuing the expression of opinions and having a fun night out.

Production Chiraz Graja
Videos Oualid Akrouh, Najim El Ayadi
Moderator Lars Kwakkenbos
In collaboration with Chicago & VMJ-AJM (D’Broej) youth centres & TransfoCollect
Supported by Bernheim Foundation