Seven Intellectuals in Bamboo Forest

Retrospective Yang Fudong @ Flagey
Info & Tickets retrospective: 02/641 10 20 (Flagey)
Flagey, Studio 5
An estranged paradise (76’, s.t.angl.)
26. 29/05 22:00
Programme shortfilms ( 63’, s.t.angl.)
25/05 18:00

Yang Fudong is anxious to share an emotion rather than a message with the people who watch his films. More than simply a film-maker, Fudong is a visual artist whose works are creative statements and timeless objects : like woodcut prints in motion.Their slowness is disconcerting and the way they unfold is contemplative: they want to affect the heart and soul in an unexpected way. Seven Intellectuals in Bamboo Forest recounts the bucolic and musical gatherings of seven artists and intellectuals and sheds light on the contrast between old rural China and modern China. “Like a book on a shelf, it stays there waiting for you to want to read, and finds it worth its while when you leaf through it from time to time …”

Presentation :

Cinémathèque Royale de Belgique/ Koninklijk Filmarchief van België, Flagey, KunstenFESTIVALdesArts

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