Postcards From The Future

City Centre

27/05 – 19:00

Like any self-respecting postcard, the Postcards From The Future are linked to the place they depict. They are also each associated with a precise moment in the future. Sending out scenes such as they might be experienced subsequently, more than memories they are invitations to verify the future. Participative science fiction scenarios. Since September 2010, the C&H collective has been sending out a postcard a month dedicated to a part of the Brussels region. Produced in collaboration with a vast network of local people and institutions, the photographed scenes reconsider the invisible cities hidden behind “Brussels”. In May, C&H will be staging the centre of the capital in the future. A giant traffic jam paralyses Rue de Flandre, the historic gateway to the city centre. Perhaps it is the paradox of mobility that it brings its opposite with it… However, could immobility allow the public space and the social interactions that take place there to be reinvented? It’s up to us to engage movement!

A project by
C&H (Heike Langsdorf, Christophe Meierhans, Christoph Ragg)

Concept & realization
Christophe Meierhans

Production & artistic assistance
Susanne Weck

Project coordination
Jean Schols, KVS

Inhabitants and shop keepers of the Rue de Flandre, participating car drivers and their automobiles

Christophe Meierhans

3D imaging

Video documentation
Philippe Chatelain

Raphael Bastide

Graphic design


Kunst/Werk vzw

KVS (Brussels), workspace Brussels

With the support of
Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie, Vlaamse Gemeenschap

In partnership with
La Bellone, Maison du Spectacle, CIFAS, Q-Park, CAMBIO, Careco, STIB

Thanks to
Ville de Bruxelles/Stad Brussel

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C&H are Heike Langsdorf, Christoph Ragg and Christophe Meierhans. Since 2002 the Brussels-based collective has been producing works that question the reciprocal positions of actor and spectator. Their performances, installations and other interventions are concerned with the creation of new contexts for the perception of things which might happen anyway. Places of our daily experience, the street, a café, a cinema, are so C&H’s predilected scenographies upon which to stage moments of perspective slapstick for their audiences. C&H have produced works for and with Sophiensaele (Berlin), TNT (Bordeaux), Grütli (Geneva), STUK and M (Leuven), Etcetera (Brussels), Rotterdam Film Festival (Rotterdam), Vooruit and Courtisane (Gent). Since 2009, C&H have been developing Postcards From The Future for various European cities, including Metz and Geneva.

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