Multum in Parvo

25, 26, 28, 29, 30 May ­20:30

Feeling he had to act because of the high level of unemployment among dancers, choreographer and dancer Pierre Droulers has gone beyond the structural confines of his company to develop an environment in which around twenty performers can give vent to their creative instincts. The result? Multum in parvo, "a lot in a little", meaning several performers in a project with time limits, a project taken up by many others elsewhere. Multum in parvo also speaks of “the resistance of the “I”, which leads to the creation of the “we”, listening out for the “I” who resists the part of the world that encircles us” (the Adret group, collective author of Résister, Editions de Minuit, 1997).

Concept & choreography: Pierre Droulers
Production: Compagnie Pierre Droulers (Brussels), Charleroi/Danses ­ Centre Chorégraphique de la Communauté française de Belgique, Springdance (Utrecht), Le Manège (Maubeuge), kunstenFESTIVALdesArts
Supported by: Ministère de la Communauté française de Belgique ­ Direction de la Promotion des Arts de la Scène, Secteur de la Danse, Commission Communautaire française de la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale, Commissariat Général aux Relations Internationales de la Communauté française de Belgique, Loterie Nationale/Nationale Loterij.
Copresenter: Les Tanneurs/Plan K

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