Manifiesto de Niños

25. 26. 27/05 > 20:30
28/05 > 18:00
Spanish > subtitles: FR/NL

The Argentine theatre company is opening up its toy box and asking questions about childhood and its innocence and responsibilities. The group of writers, actors and visual artists from Buenos Aires are famous for manipulating objects, puppets and dolls. This time they are bringing nasty rabbits to life and getting electric trains to speed by on stage. But the malevolent accessories end up turning against their creators and start playing a cruel game, plotting their revenge in the dark.


Ana Alvarado, Emilio García Wehbi, Daniel Veronese


Ana Alvarado, Lola Arias, Emilio García Wehbi, Horacio González, Isol, Mariano Pensotti, Alejandro Tantanian, Daniel Veronese


Maricel Alvarez, Blas Arrese Igor, Emilio García Wehbi

Assistant to the Directors:

Felicitas Luna

Space, Set and Costume Design:

El Periférico de Objetos

Music and Sound Design:

Marcelo Martínez

Masks design:

Alejandra Farley, Ioia Kohakura, Ximena Lucas


El Periférico de Objetos (Buenos Aires), KunstenFESTIVALdesArts


Beursschouwburg, KunstenFESTIVALdesArts

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Theatre installation by El Periférico de Objetos. Three actors suffer the lonely isolation of those who revolt. For a period of four days, they shut themselves in a house – a toy box – disguised as children. They spend their time playing games and with routine actions, they incessantly walk around and read. They deform time and space. They are dominated by the chaos of self-imprisonment but they proclaim; they vent their impotent anger against the adults; they manifest things they cannot comprehend yet. All the circumstances that children of our times suffer: all the children live in a box, none of them walks about. They know this is not a favourable moment for little things, that times are hard for children. But they resist.

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