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Passa Porta and the Kunstenfestivaldesarts invite the Syrian writer Khaled Khalifa for a four-week residency in Brussels. At the end of his stay, he gives a lecture about his practice as a writer and the way it can be a strategy towards reality. A lecture about how Khalifa envisions the role of art in relation to its socio-political context.

In collaboration with Passa Porta international house of literature

Khaled Khalifa (Aleppo, 1964) is one of the most prominent writers in contemporary Syrian literature. A former student of law, he is the author of several screenplays and prose works. In Praise of Hatred , his third novel and international breakthrough, is the story of a family in a country being torn apart by fanaticism, narrated by a young girl. Banned in Syria upon publication in 2006, the book was shortlisted for the International Prize for Arabic Fiction in 2008. Khalifa's work has been translated into numerous languages including French, Italian and Dutch. The English edition of In Praise of Hatred is available from Transworld Publishers (2012).

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