La Musica Deuxième / Lulu

La Musica Deuxième
Les Brigittines
1,2,3,5,14 May: 21.30
4 May: 19.00
7 & 8 May: 17.00
13 May: 23.00

14, 17-20, 25-27 May: 19.00
15 & 22 May: 15.00
21 & 28 May: 17.00

The strength of the Dutch company Hollandia lies not only in their choice of repertoire and a preference for surprising locations, but perhaps most in their acting style: earthy, physical and extremely direct. This directness is supplemented by an almost musical approach to the script.

Hollandia presents two new creations: Marguerita Duras' La Musica Deuxième in the original French and Frank Wedekind's Lulu in an unanbridged version. La Musica Deuxième shows a man and a woman who launch into an almost ritualist conversation after their divorce has been pronounced. Lulu, to be performed only in Brussels, centres on Lului, the woman who claims total freedom for herself. Wedekind's turn-of-the-century creation still stirs up emotions.