18/05  | 14:00 - 16:30


For professionals in the performing art scene
Reservation required before May 14th katie.watts@onda.fr

On the occasion of the “Meet the Makers” session, international programmers are invited to hear more about the work and projects of a group of artists newly exiled in Europe and exchange ideas with them.

These artists join the festival for a few days to dive into its programme and discover the work of some of their international peers; through meetings and visits in Brussels, they will get in touch with some of the essential players in the international collaboration circuits. They will also meet each other and take the time to explore their own positions and interests and perhaps find common (international) ground.

The artists are from a variety of performing arts disciplines and countries: they are currently based in France, Germany and Belgium where they present exciting and engaging work.

The Meet the Makers session is an opportunity for performing arts programmers to exchange ideas with artists whose exciting and engaging work has not yet integrated international stages. In an informal setting, each will present his or her interests, current projects and future plans. 

Programme / participating artists

Muddar Al Haggi – theatre (Syria/Germany)
Wael Ali – theatre (Syria/France)
Wael Alkak – music (Syria/France)
Yazan Iwidat – dance (Palestine/Belgium)
Wael Kadour – theatre (Syria/France)
Kubra Khademi – performance art (Afghanistan/France)
Enkidu Khaled – theatre (Iraq/Belgium),
Mey Sefan – dance (Syria/Germany)
Wihad Sulaiman – theatre (Syria/Germany)

Following the presentations, drinks and snacks will be offered to participants.

Link to the Facebook event.

Associated programmers Rolf Hemke - Kunstfest Weimar & Theater an der Ruhr, Patrick Penot - Festival Sens Interdits, Maria-Carmela Mini, Latitudes Contemporaines, Judith Depaule - atelier des artistes en exil, Monica Guillouet-Gelys, La Filature 

Organised by Onda - Office national de diffusion artistique (France), Flanders Arts Institute (Belgium), Kunstfest Weimar (Germany), Theater an der Ruhr (Germany), Dachverband Tanz (Germany), Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Belgium) & Globe Aroma (Belgium).

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