22/05 – 22:00
23/05 – 22:00
24/05 – 22:00
25/05 – 20:30

Standing performance (no seats)

Léa Drouet, a French director based in Brussels, calls on different types of artistic practice and fills atypical spaces, seeking to produce new material. Close to a sound performance, the experimental forms she produces link music to the space through the movement of bodies. In DERAILMENT , created for the Gare du Congrès, a group of some twenty performers move through the audience. All equipped with tape recorders, they form an anonymous mass circulating haunting harmonic loops. But suddenly, an event crashes into this twilight world and changes the direction of the atoms that make them, enabling them to collide, stand out and “create the material”. A powerful sensorial experience that redefines the contours of the space and our space, DERAILMENT offers difference, shock and heterogeneity as conditions of a possible transformation. Come and see for yourselves!

A project by
Léa Drouet

Conductor cassette deck ensemble
Clément Vercelletto

Jean-Philippe Gross, Arnaud Paquotte

Matthieu Ferry

Lighting assistant
Marion Garaud

Visual artist
Frédéric Bernier

Frédéric Bernier, Nicolas Patouraux, Rachel Sassi, Céline Beigbeder, Elsa Guenot, Nina Lombardo, Marie Deny, Jerome Giller, Laetitia Yallon, Isabelle Nouzha, Thomas Dessein, Rachid Hakara, Issouf Ibodio, Lola Chuniaud, Céline de Vos, Baptiste Conte, Numa Verrez, Catalina Rincon, Simon Loiseau

Sound engineer
Etienne Foyer

Production manager
France Morin

Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Recyclart

Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Vaisseau (Brussels)

Supported by
Théâtre la Balsamine, l’Épongerie, Ile asbl /Artist Project – Suitcase

Funded by
Agence Wallonie-Bruxelles Théâtre-Danse

Thanks to

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Brussels-Congress station is ventilated by sucking up stale air from the far ends of the platforms and supplying fresh air in the main hall. This is the space we worked in, with its air currents and the noise of trains passing beneath our feet.

We have a sound universe and visual universe coexisting that are conducive to daydreaming and to appropriating everyday items found there. The idea is to produce an anthology of transformation. It is a composite form that could be a strange ritual of change. These changes may take the form of a shifting, a physical movement or a movement of sound or light, a clash or objects that are replaced or misappropriated.

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Léa Drouet (b. 1982) is a French director and stage designer who was born in 1982 in Villeurbanne. She studied directing at the Institut National Supérieur des Arts de la Scène (INSAS) in Brussels and has been living and working in Brussels since 2010. She was initially supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles in 2011 and began a series of collaborations with musicians on the experimental scene in Brussels and France. Her work straddles installations (linked to light or sound), theatre and more recently movement. She set up Vaisseau in 2014, a production organisation that tackles mixed projects involving theatre, dance, concerts, performances and installations.

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