COULISSE – Chantier Musil

3/05 > 19:00
4-25/05 > Thursday to Sunday > 13:00-19:00
8.15.22/05 > 19:00 Next Wednesday @ M.A.P.

Vincent Fortemps is inviting the spectator-reader to enter a room where the light reveals images, sequences or, more precisely, fragments of stories. It is not about creating a well-centred, steady and permanent image. It is about challenging the image’s content, its precariousness, its quality, questioning it while creating it. His source is a faithful reading of Robert Musil’s novel The Man Without Qualities, but more especially the ideas he developed while creating Chantier Musil with the choreographer François Verret.

Design & realisation : Vincent Fortemps

Drawings : Vincent Fortemps in the context of the creation Chantier Musil (Compagnie FV/François Verret)

Technical production : Jean-Francois Dubois, Vincent Fortemps

Production : KunstenFESTIVALdesArts

Presentation : M.A.P. Brussels, KunstenFESTIVALdesArts

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In his exhibition, Vincent Fortemps defines a narrative space, a space of the possible. The spectator-reader is invited to enter a room where images, sequences or, more precisely, fragments of stories are revealed by the light. Through these images, we discover what Vincent Fortemps is looking at – he uses the narrative to describe a reality to us that has a multiple and dynamic character. Narrative is something he has been involved with for some time, as he has been writing contemporary illustrated stories for the past ten years. Now, over and above the book, a support he knows so well, he makes us enter a world of repetition, where no image is ever completely similar, either to the one before it or the one after. Between each of them glides an indiscernible and silent poetry, where everything is possible, where any story can exist. It is through this empirical means that he almost approaches movement, something suggested by film since its early days.

There is no doubt that certain similarities between his technique and film are more than pure chance. In his technique, the film is not burnt by light, but has a thick, fat and black imprint on it, a lithographic crayon crushed onto transparent film. By moistening, scraping and scratching the crayon, the draughtsman creates a vibrant and living surface that brings the story to life.

The source of his inspiration is a faithful reading of Robert Musil’s novel The Man Without Qualities, but more especially the ideas he developed while creating Chantier Musil with François Verret’s dance company. What Vincent Fortemps has learned from Musil’s writing is the fragmented construction of a complex, non-linear story where autonomous narrative lines are forged, and resound, between each other. He likens this gliding to what takes place between the images: to the hollows and faults separating them, the ellipses, but also to what takes place at the very heart of the images: to what is not described, to muted black marks, to scratches in the crayon.

“I want to refer to the wings of a theatre being a place behind the stage, behind reality, like a crossing point where people are constantly ready to go back to being an actor of reality. I want to make it both comfortable and uncomfortable for the visitor to be in the position of waiting in the wings, allowing him or her to see the hidden side of a constantly evolving process, waiting for what is going to, or what might, happen: movement.”

Vincent Fortemps, January 2002

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