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Do not trust your senses. They deceive you. What you think is not how things are. You are under the influence of information to be grasped, a desire to be seized, a conscience to be captured. You conform entirely to what is expected of you. What do you choose to do – open your eyes or allow yourself to be lulled by illusions? The red pill or the blue pill? In May, the Halles de Schaerbeek will be choosing the blue pill. You will find yourself being sucked up into a parallel world – your eyes and ears will be opened. You will eat normally, but… You see an ordinary shop window – it is a trap. Cars and plants will no longer be passive. On May 19 and 26, you will have a rendezvous with your destiny. Do you know that you are being had? Do you really want to know?

Production et présentation/Productie en presentatie/Production & presentation: Halles de Schaerbeek (Bruxelles/Brussel), KunstenFESTIVALdesArts

Avec la collaboration de/In samenwerking met/In collaboration with: Constant vzw (Bruxelles/Brussel)

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For three evenings at the Halles de Schaerbeek, Capture will be moving away from the established order of things. You might think that what you are seeing is a car, a plant or the bar where you usually order your drinks. But beware. Your senses are deceiving you. Don’t trust in appearances, for they are merely illusions that take away your clear-headedness, blur your clarity and extinguish your curiosity, illusions that beguile you and bind you to what is visible on the surface. Do you want to remain enslaved to rationality or will you venture to discover what really lies behind the decoy? Are you going to follow the white rabbit, like the man soon to be elected in Matrix, or confine yourself obediently to what you think you can control and put up with every day? Will you take the blue pill or the red pill? It’s up to you. If you do find yourself tempted by the other side, then come to the Halles and discover a place where experiments will be performed and entertaining physics will be demonstrated in the nightclub. Is there more to it than that?

Did you know that a car vibrates through every pore of its metal and that its steel skin can sing different songs depending on the irregularities in it? In the dark rooms of university robotics departments, there are researchers who test the resistance and solidity of the bodywork for carmakers – by ear! Evidently, the singing is better if there are faults in the metal. There is a scientist who will explain what is really happening in terms of principles of physics, with a more practical demonstration given by musicians transmitting their melodic and rhythmic bass voices into this piece of engineering. The musicians include Object and Ultraphonist who are fans of pure frequencies. In order to validate this experiment on resistance, a high-pitched electronic sound will be applied to a row of crystalware until…! All this will be taking place on 19 May in the large rooms of the Halles. Then you can go down into the cellars and dance on your own wavelength to the minimal techno provided by the Germans in Chain Reaction. You may get the impression that this muffled and regular beat encouraging you to move is coming not just from outside your body.

On 25 May, in the small rooms of the Halles, you will find the people from Constant, activists for all things creative and interactive on the net. They have invited a New Yorker to Belgium for the first time: Terre Thaemlitz, a radical breaker of codes, genders and taboos. A transformist, this underground DJ began by hijacking ‘Musak’ and easy listening hits and interfering with them. A transgender, he has had surgery performed on his body. His approach to music audaciously transmutes existing sounds. Life and art for him follow the same paths. Terre will be giving a live demonstration of his philosophy before applying the principles of music to it. The ‘ambient’ concert will take place in the small rooms of the Halles which will have been adorned with plants.

On 26 May, the plants you will have already seen a few days earlier, and which will have been silent during Terre’s display, are going to come to life. Listen to their photosynthesis. They produce their own carbohydrates with chlorophyll, by breathing in the carbon dioxide from the air. But they need light, solar energy. What happens if the ambient air alters or the light they are eager for changes? They will whisper to you what you always wanted to know… without ever having dared hear it. Plant music… Go down to the cellar to slake your own thirst and toast the experiment. The bar will be listening out for what is going on and the playful ritornellos you will hear won’t be unfamiliar to you.

Go back up to the large rooms of the Halles, under the iron and glass roof, and you will see cars. They are not there to rev up.Their engines will be switched off, yet they will start vibrating again to the beat of a dialogue between traditional Belgo-Moroccan musicians and an alchemist of sound who specialises in acoustic-electronic transmutations. And to finish in style, shake off some of your own rustiness by taking over the dance floor. The DJ won’t be called Marcel this time, but possibly Garance or Joséphine, or maybe Yvette or Jacqueline. In any case, the music played will blend the delicate and the sensual, with not a hint of masculine about it...

And if your senses have been stimulated by the experiences of entertaining physics in the big laboratory set up in the Halles, then observe the layout of the spaces, lights and sets that you have just walked through. Nothing has been left to chance. Every element of your environment will have dictated its code to your brain which, unconsciously, will have registered it and it will have guided you according to the rules to be observed. Locate this signalling process and learn from it. What you see and what you feel has been littered with instructions to condition your reactions. You have been taken hostage and only your will can save you, unless you find that it has been a willing accomplice all along and that Capture has in the end turned into rapture...

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