Armarium Mortis

10. 11. 13/05 > 20:30
14/05 > 18:00
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In a retrospective look into his past, Eric De Volder extracts significant stories about ordinary people. Straight out of true life, it features grotesque characters reminiscent of Ensor, continuously wavering between tragedy and comedy. For Armarium mortis, and with the help of a group of young actors, the director from Ghent is breathing life into pieces edited out of past productions, summoning up absurd thoughts, impious texts, dodgy music, lost items, nauseating costumes and aborted actions for an energetic future-oriented performance laden with forgotten memories, dreams and nightmares.

Text, Direction and Set:

Eric De Volder


Pascal Buyse, Pedro De Strooper, Ayesha Künzle, Tania Poppe & Leen Roels


Pedro De Strooper

Musicians in studio:

Jeroen Baert, Marianne Depraeter, Johan Derycke, Martin Gheluwe, Anton Janssens, Ona Libens, Tim Vandenbergh, Rik Verstrepen

Make up Advisor:

Hendrik-Hein Van Doorn


Claudine Grinwis


Joris Verniest


Tania Desmet


Ellen Stynen


Helga Baert

Production Manager:

Joris Verniest


Mark Vanborm


Toneelgroep Ceremonia/vzw KIM (Gent), KunstenFESTIVALdesArts

Thanks to:



Théâtre 140, KunstenFESTIVALdesArts

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when you’ve spent years collecting

all kinds of materials that are left unused

after theatre and other events

and when you’ve carefully stored them all in a cupboard

unattached thoughts / fallen down sculptures / stray objects

dissident texts / wrong pieces of music / nauseous costumes / suffocating little stories /

uprooted characters / incomplete memories / a couple of half words /

marginal scenes / worn out puppets / impossible scripts /

petered actions

and on top of that: all kinds of stuff that is left behind day after day

lying around on the PS and the OP

on and around the stage, waiting for someone to pick it up

what would be the first thing to fall out of that cupboard if one day

all at once one of its doors blew open?


everything I knew but didn’t think of at that moment

everything I had once been aware of but that I had forgotten

everything my senses had perceived

but my conscience didn’t pay attention to

everything I did without intention or attention

that is




wanted and did

all the future that was bracing itself inside of me and maybe only now regaining consciousness

all that may fall out of the cupboard

and if the cupboard were my unconscious

then, that would be what was in there

Based on C. G. Jung in ‘Von den Wurzeln des Bewußtseins‘ Eric De Volder

Translated from the Dutch by Taal-Ad-Visie

– life –

life is simply three times nothing I tell you!

from the maternal bosom

naked and close-cropped

to the grave we are destined for a thousand sorrows

from our first to our last hour.

Because look!

another fang here

and another eye there

a trifle is enough

to engage in a cruel game

yes yes a cruel game

between good and evil in

oh my God

- man -

don’t we know anymore?

don’t we remember anymore?

all these lovely fairy tales

once upon a time once upon a time once upon a time once upon a time

they lived happily ever after and had lots of children

and when that happened


listen and bang

and look and there it is and bang

and life falls apart

and bang!

we didn’t see it coming and it’s already here no

and yes,

we didn’t see it coming and it’s already been

and bang listen and bang look

how futile it all is


and how sad it all is


and this is how the world is

and bang

where oh yes happiness has become misfortune

where oh yes joy has become sorrow

oh yes based on the state of the one concerned

oh yes based on his condition, his rank

like oh yes based on his vision or his blindness

like oh yes based on his way with people or his stubbornness

like oh yes based on his goodness or his nastiness

like oh yes based on his indolence or his zealousness

like oh yes based on his sanity or his insanity

like oh yes based on his credibility or his incredibility

however much we fight it with our efforts and skill

tragedy alone takes pride of place.

Extract from Armarium mortis

Eric De Volder & Toneelgroep Ceremonia

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